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Lule Doobeh has been working in the field of wellness for the past 15 years. 

She is a pioneer in the wellness industry she started introducing holistic wellness in the United Arab Emirates back in 2002  introducing it to  Ministry of Health and opening one of the first  Wellness centre's in 2002  in Abu Dhabi and  She continues on this field of wellness as a whole person mode and recently is involved with a new project on a wellness directory.  She is a Wellness Coach  offering assessment's to see where you are on your wellness journey and where you would like to be along with coaching sessions ,and is  Law of Attraction coach where you decide what type of life you want and how to make the changes  She also a healing Practitioner (Japanese Healing) practice that balances your body's energy by using the fingers and hands to eliminate stress create emotional equilibrium, Emotional Freedom technique Tapping to erase some emotions that you want to release and on the fun side of life she offers Hula Hooper for beginners and hold events and to keep fit. 

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Skipping Fitness

Skipping Fitness

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Law of Attraction Coaching Session 60 mins
During your coaching session will be applying the Law of attraction in your chosen topic either Relationships,  Work , Career , Financial,  Health & , Wellness session once we explore the situation you will be given processes and techniques to handle the situation along with Emotional Freedom technique and some guided meditation to Manifest what you want. Your coaching session treated with optimum confidentiality
Teleconference Coaching 60 minutes
I am a Wellness Coach, Law of Attraction coach,  You can book  60 mins teleconference session on free  online ID luledoobeh / Access code 701663 or facebook messenger or one/one coaching you can contact me  on 0504431891 
Wellness Test
Wellness Assessment is a one year access to the wellbeing program which provides awareness of 12 dimentions of wellness to balance, bring awareness and take action in all areas of your wellbeing.  Taking daily small steps towards wellness is the key to long lasting results.  
Hula Hoop Kids Party

Hula Hoop Party Kids 6-15 years

Includes: 12 Colour Hula Hoops

2 hour's  Hula hooping 

Face Glitter 


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Hula Hoop Party
AED 530.00 Buy Online
Beginner Hula Hoop
AED 150.00 Buy Online
LED Jump Rope
AED 130.00 Buy Online
LED Skipping Rope
AED 60.00 Buy Online
Year Wellbeing Program
AED 120.00 Buy Online
25 Subscriptions of Wellness Program
AED 1285.57 Buy Online
Wellness Calender
AED 90.00 Buy Online

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