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Point Zero Floatation Center is one of the leading wellness providers in the UAE with  health authority licensed centre under alternative medicine. It  has been tending to the stress management and alternative healthy needs of the many corporate companies for 12 years.  We where one of the first in 2004 to offer a unique combination of  alternative treatments to balance the mind and body. Our Ayurvedic Dr will set you on a journey to balance the mind and the body through different treatments. We first work on the mind and then the body will follow what it needs. Offering a unique combination of treatments involving  Floatation therapy, Ayurvedic consultation and treatments, Specialised Medical messages and therapeutic massages, Oxygen Therapy. 

Email  : acctg.pointzerofloatation@gmail.com

Phone : 02 445 5775

Fax : 04 457 9991

Address : ABU DHABI: 12th St Khalifa City A, Villa 139, opposite to Al Forsan Sports Resort, Abu Dhabi, AUE / DUBAI: C-14 Sky Gardens Tower, DIFC, Dubai, UAE

Website : http://www.pointzerofloatation.com

Our News

Child Health & Wellness

Daily habits of a child to build inner strength to carry him towards a stronger future

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Detox Your Mouth

oil pulling helps remove toxins from the body

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Find out what Floatation Therapy can do to our Anxiety

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Get to know your own Ayurvedic Body Clock

How does the ayurvedic body clock affect our bodies in our day to day life?

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Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil uses and benefits

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SALT is main case for hair loss

Salt being the main case of hair loss

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3 Gunas Sattva Kajas & Tamas

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Sport Medince

Epsom Salts and Sports medicine

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Health Benefits of Floatation Therapy

Health Benefits of Floatation Therapy

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Goodbye Flu, Welcome Winter Season!

Easy Ayurveda to Keep Flu Away by Dr. Asma Inamdar

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Ayurveda: Way To A Healthy Lifestyle

Ayurveda: Way To A Healthy Lifestyle

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Our Services

Medical Massage

Our signature medical massage utilises a combination of Myofascial release (MFR) therapy and other alternative techniques mainly focusing on releasing muscular shortness and tightness. Numerous conditions and symptoms can be improved by using Myofascial release therapy, for example chronic back pain, multiple injuries and joint pain.

Duration: 60mins.

Shirodhara 45 minutes warm oil pours in a continuous stream over the forehead an area where nerves are highly concentrated. The pressure of the oil onto the forehead creates a vibration.  The oil saturates the forehead and scalp and penetrades into the nervous system. Call 02-445 5775 for further details 
Floatation Therapy


Float in a tub or cabin on the surface of a super-saturated epsom salt solution. The concentration of epsom salts and water the body "floats"  effortlessly on the surface naturally feeling a sense of weightlessness as the body further relaxes into a deep relaxation and during this period you can ponder with your thoughts, ask questions to your inner deeper self and get answers. Your left and right brain are in equilibrium during this state you become more imaginative and problems solving  http://www.livewelluae.com/product/the-perfect-gift-floatation-and-massage-

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Our Products

Frankincense, King of Oils
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The Perfect Gift (2 sessions of Floatation )
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Artwork From The Void Book
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The Deep Self Book
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The Quiet Center Book
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Programming & Metaprogramming in Human Biocomputer
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Isolation Tank Book
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Roll Magic Beauty Line (20 % on Regular Session)
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Vacu Magic Beauty Line (20% on Regular Session)
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30% OFF on 1hr Massage Therapy
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30% OFF on 1 hour Floatation Therapy
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5L Home Use Oxygen Concentrator
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Tibetan 6” Singing Bowl Set
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USB Himalayan Salt Lamp - Egg Shape
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Himalayan Lamp- Bowl with Chunks
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Himalayan Salt Lamp - Heart
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Himalayan Salt Crystal Aroma Lamp
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Himalayan Salt Lamp- Flame
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Rose Oil 30ml
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The Float Tank Cure by Shane Stott
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Oase Back Support (Cherry Lumbo)
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Himalayan Salt Lamp- Pyramid
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Himalayan Salt Lamp- Natural Shape
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Epsom Salt 500g
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Ayurveda Pain Balm 25g
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The Book of Floating
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