Get to know your own Ayurvedic Body Clock
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February 04, 2019

According to Ayurvedic Practices, every day in our lives our body handles three different doshas - Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha. These doshas interchange in being dominant throughout the day and the key to ensuring harmony in life is to keep these doshas balanced.

KAPHA (earth and water)

  • dominant between 6am & 10am
  • controls immunity and structural strength

This time you must wake up and move your body. Exercise is maximized at this time of the day and grabbing something light to eat is a good idea as well.

PITTA (fire)


dominant between 10am & 2pm

  • controls digestion and metabolism

Having a heavy meal at this time is highly recommended given that the Pitta is strong at this time which leads to faster conversion of food into energy and fuel.

VATA (air)

  • dominant between 2pm & 6pm
  • controls the nervous system

At this time, you can now get cozy. Your brain gets very active and creative which is great for practicing some deep breathing or sip a hot tea.


  • dominant between 6pm & 10pm

The cycle goes back to Kapha which is a good time to prepare for a good night’s sleep. Eat a light meal but avoid eating spicy or fatty food.

You are constantly up and awake during this time, the detox can be disturbed.


dominant between 2am & 6am

The nervous system begins to stir during this time before the sun rises. This is the best time to sleep deeply and naturally wake up before the sunrise.

In conclusion, nature has its own natural rhythm and it’s up to us if we’ll flow with it or against it. Notice that every time we do flow with it, everything, from minor daily life activities to major decision making, seems to be a whole lot easier. You may think this is a simple thing to do but getting in sync with nature’s rhythm is a powerful lifestyle tool that can help de-stress both the body and the mind. Making sure that we efficiently incorporate this information into our daily routine gives us a life of balance and vitality.   

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