Child Health & Wellness
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February 01, 2020

Child Health & Wellness

Children are likely to live up to what you believe in them. They are our upcoming generation, our representatives, our future. We protect them in all aspects like health, personal safety, social aspects etc. Regarding health conventional medicine is mainly focusing on vaccinations, cleanliness, hygiene and health awareness amongst communicable diseases. No doubt these are important key points to prevent diseases. But apart from this the main culprit of upcoming diseases is changes in the food industry. 

Ayurveda is a medical science. It’s not just limited up to massage and external treatments. It has an enormous knowledge of prevention of health and curation of diseases. Unique concept of Ayurveda is the cause - effect relationship having a massive role in both the aspects mentioned above. With this brief information let’s start with how Ayurveda can help in generalises immunity boosting and prevention of diseases amongst children…. 

Immunity boosters
Immunity is none other than strength of the body fighting against disease. According to Ayurveda there are 3 types of strengths –

  1. Sahaja (Inbuilt / Inherent strength) – This is acquired mainly from both parents and especially from mother during foetal development in pregnancy. Hence to be a mother should take care of her health, diet everything to develop the baby's inbuilt strength.

  1.  Also this implies that genetic diseases or hereditary disease can come into the next generation through parents. This can be prevented with lifestyle changes and detox procedures in parents before conception. (Consult Ayurvedic Doctor) at  Pointzero Floatation Therapy Centre, Abu Dhabi


  1. Kalaja (Age / time zone) – This strength is related to time, so the ongoing life of a person he has at most strength in his young age. This is also related to atmospheric changes for example in winter we have more strength and energy than in summer. Hence we should focus on building strength of children until they attain their adolescence age. 

  1. Yuktikruta (Acquired strength) – This is related to lifestyle. Food is the main source of energy for us. So this is the strength acquired from food, sleeping habits, mental status and exercise. We need to focus and maintain this strength.  

How to improvise and maintain this Acquired strength – 

  1. Food – 

  • One should always give the staple food (The food that you are taking from generations) as every day diet. For ex. Roti / bread / Khubus, Vegetables, meat, curry, rice or Idli, Appam, Sambar etc. Always give freshly prepared and organic naturally grown food. 

  • For Non vegetarians – lamb is a choice of meat as this meat is easy to digest and gives muscular strength. You can also give bone soup of lamb for strengthening bones and joints of children. If you want to have chicken / egg try to find an organic and naturally grown one. The main culprit of hormonal diseases is the hormones given to these animals which create hormonal imbalance in the human body. For pork or beef you should eat it  only once or twice a week (if you are eating). For fishes one should prefer long ones and fresh fishes (not canned fishes). If you are giving to the baby for the first time, please look for any allergy. 

  • For bone development – You can use Raagi flour (you can cook this with milk add some sugar and give), almond + walnut + dry dates powder in milk, garden cress seeds (lepidium sativum) (soak it in milk. Cook it with adding sugar and give) 

  • Instead of Sugar one can you jiggery. Do not use excess sugar or salt. Do not use ionised salt. Try to use rock salt (pinkish colour) if possible. 

  • Instead of chocolates – dried fruits, dates, fruits (preferably organic), fresh fruit juices are better choices. Or even home-made cakes or biscuits are fine. 

  • Try to give clarified butter or Ghee (traditionally prepared and organic) with rice or roti or bread. 

  • You can give different soups like lentil soup, vegetable soup, lamb / chicken soup. Add a pinch of salt, asafoetida, black pepper powder or sometimes cinnamon powder into it to make it tastier. Make sure when the child is having cough, cold or fever, do not 

  • feed unless the child is hungry. Better to give soups mentioned above, rice water and boiled warm water.

  • Water - For children of 0 – 2 years’ age, water should be boiled every day for drinking and preparing milk. Please use freshly boiled water every day. Do not use the previous day’s water. This prevents the infections especially loose motions and vomiting. 

  • For milk – Better to have organic cow milk if possible. This is the best choice of milk. If not available, you can go for buffalo milk or goat milk (fresh one). Powdered milk you can give for children under 2 years as per doctor’s prescription. Do not add sugar into drinking milk. You can add cardamom or sometimes dry fruit powder mentioned above or turmeric into it as a change of taste. 

  • Yogurt – There are many misconceptions about yogurt. Ayurveda has put too many restrictions for yogurt though it is labelled as healthy food. Best time to eat yogurt is during the winter (cold) season. As yogurt is “hot in nature” when you take it internally. Another thing is it should always be taken with some antidotes like green gram, honey, clarified butter (ghee), sugar etc. This helps to prevent its nature of formation of Kapha, Pitta element which results in cough, cold, quick spread of allergy, acid reflux etc. It should not be eaten at night time (only in day time). This rule should be strictly followed. Because it is heavy to digest and creates congestion. Excess eating of yogurt impurifies blood and also has hazardous effect on muscles as well as skin irruptions 

          Thus for children it is better to have yogurt only in day time and 1 – 2 times a week with sugar. If you want, you can give laban but make sure that you mix equal quantities of laban with water and give in between lunch. Follow the same with yogurt. Not to have these things before or after lunch. Do not give fruit yogurts to your children

  • Fruits – You can give different fruits to them. But try to avoid particularly these fruits like banana, guava, orange, pineapple, watermelon when they have cough, cold, blocked nose. Better not to give any fruits or dry fruits except dates while having cough, cold, infections, fever. 

  • Oil massage It is important to do oil massage for children after birth regularly up to two years before taking a bath. Oil of choice is Bala oil / Ksheerabala oil / Sesame oil. Make sure that you check for rash before 1st time application. Virgin coconut oil can be used for sensitive skin or premature babies. This oil massage helps for overall physical development of the child, bone and muscle strengthening and weight gain. Do not use any synthetic oils. Use pure oils. 

              After two years of age, you can do massage at least twice a week or on weekends. 

  • Food Habits – After one year of age you can introduce your babies with different food stuffs. But every time I check for allergy for the 1st time. Try to add spices / spice powders like pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, cumin, coriander seeds, carom (caraway seed) in soups, salads, vegetables. This is helpful to develop taste, increasing and maintaining appetite.  

Article by Dr Shurti, Pointzero Floatation Centre, 

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